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Insulated Garage Doors compared to Non-insulated Garage Doors

The situation of your garage door is the most important consideration when deciding whether to go for an insulated or a non-insulated garage door. If your site for the installation is integral to your dwelling then there a number of advantages you will want to know about and if you are wanting to install them on a separate garage then the same considerations need to be thought of:

  • Security – Insulated doors consist of 2 steel skins with a PU foam filling which is far more secure than a non-insulated single skin door.
  • Weather and draft resistant – because of the construction, insulated sectional doors will stop general debris like leaves, etc. and gentle rain better than a non-insulated garage door, but driving rain can sometimes get under the door.
  • Sound reduction – Ok, so you don’t live on an Irish hillside but live on a busy inner-city street this is where the insulated garage door is able to reduce noise compared to a single skin door to help block out all those road noises. In addition to this,
  • Insulation value – only an insulated garage door has a U value to help keep the heat in your home.

Finally, you might want to ask which door with last the longest. This is really the same for either door and is backed up with a manufacturer’s guarantee in each case.

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